Adult education

Thinking of studying as an adult? You can apply to take free upper secondary courses if you are 25 years old or more, have completed primary and lower secondary education or the equivalent, but have not finished upper secondary school.

This right applies both to studies leading to university entrance certification and to vocational qualifications. The latter can include craft or journeyman’s certificates (fagbrev and svennebrev).

Courses are provided at the upper secondary schools or through adult education associations. The entitlement to adult education means you have the right to studies which can lead to university entrance certification or a vocational qualification.

Right to upper secondary education changed

Until now, young people have had the right to upper secondary education for up to five years after they are able to begin such studies. If they failed to qualify in this period, they had to wait until the age of 25 before acquiring a new right to upper secondary education.

From August 2017, young people will have the right to such education without having to wait until the age of 25. The rights of immigrants to upper secondary education have also been improved from the same date.

How to apply

Applying for adult education has no deadline. This means you can apply throughout the year. You apply to take upper secondary courses for adults and an assessment of overall qualifications via website (in Norwegian only).

More information

If you need more information about upper secondary education for adults, contact an upper secondary school, an adult education association or the contact for adult education at Østfold county council on 69 11 70 00 or by e-mail.

Upper secondary schools

Adult education associations

Workers’ Educational Association in Norway (AOF), tel 69 13 04 10

Folkeuniversitetet Øst (People’s University East), tel 22 47 60 00

Overall qualifications

Qualifications can be acquired in many ways, not just through formal education and training. Your overall qualifications (also known as prior learning and work experience) cover the knowledge you have acquired through education, paid and unpaid work or leisure activities.

Before you start an upper secondary course, your overall qualifications may be assessed. This means that your formal and informal learning will be assessed in relation to the curricula for relevant subjects.

You can apply for an assessment of your overall qualifications and possible advice via this website (in Norwegian only).

Careers advice

Are you an adult wanting to speak with somebody about work or education? Contact the Østfold Careers Centre (Karrieresenter Østfold).

The centre offers careers-related services free of charge to adults aged 19 or above. These include researching job and educational opportunities, learning methods for making carefully considered and conscious career choices, and identifying your qualifications and interests. You can also get help with job applications, writing a CV and attending job interviews.

Read more and book an appointment at the Karrieresenter Østfold website.

Young people looking for careers advice

Pupils and apprentices who have questions about education and occupations can contact the careers advisers at their own school.

You can also check the county council’s careers guide for young people at the My Education (Minutdanning) website (in Norwegian only)